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Whizzer Gearbox Repairs and Sales

Whizzer Gearbox WS-270-A

Whizzer Gearbox Rebuilt

We Specialize In Whizzer Gearbox Repairs and Rebuilding,

All Models WS268 - WS270 - Type L- Top Drives-

We can Fabricate Gears and Part's In House, And that allows us to Save you up to 

60% Savings from OEM Replacmnets Cost. And we can save you lots of time.

The Units above were repaired with new Gearing and parts in just 1 Week.

No more long lead times, In a hurry? Don't Worry. 

"We carry all Whizzer Gearboxes in stock available for sale"

Whizzer Gearbox WS268 WS270 L type Top Drives

Please call us for pricing and information

Below are more photos!


10 Glenlake Pkwy #130

Atlanta, GA 30328

(678) 360-2848

(678) 895-5383 Direct Sales Mgr Jim Richards

(678) 222-3401 Fax

[email protected]